Design for Environment (DFE) Products

DFE Maintain

DFE Maintain is formulated for use on all surf aces. Works well in hard water and contains no harsh or abrasive ingredients. Excellent for routine maintenance of finished floors. May be used with automatic scrubbers.

DFE Strip

DFE Strip is an aggressive low odor non-ammoniated wax stripper. Contains no phosphates, no butyl, and no caustic. Excellent for use in hospitals and other areas where odor is a concern.

DFE Shine

DFE Shine floor Finish is based on the latest metal-free technology. It is a hard acrylic formulation, providing very high put-down gloss and good durability. It may be used with conventional low-speed or mop/recoat programs as well as with high speed burnishing equipment. Advantages over conventional metal interlock finishes- Great removability, faster drying time, better durability, no ammonia odor and better re-coatability.

DFE Power

DFE Powert he performance cleaner that contains no phosphates, soaps, butyl, caustics or other highly toxic solvents. The cleaner of the future-  used to clean where all greasy, oily soils exist. Its concentrated to save money.